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Wide Range of Applications of Cardboard HEPA Filte
Wide Range of Applications of Cardboard HEPA Filte

Common market, the cardboard Pre Filters which is available in the market is made from folded efficient filtering paper whose filtration effect is obvious. What's more, it is internationally recognized as the high efficiency filter. At the present, all projects require efficient and clean atmosphere which needs a high efficient filter, as a result, the filter called sub-efficient filter has not been put into use a few years ago on the whole. The cardboard HEAP filter had been widely used in the operating room, animal laboratory, crystal experiments and aviation field. There are two main applications of cardboard HEAP filter.

One of the cardboard HEPA applications is the biomedical applications. Cardboard HEPA filters in the biomedical field, is mainly used to filter bacteria, other organisms as well as viruses in the air. As a result, cardboard HEAP filter which can prevent and control bacterial and organisms as well as viruses, could reduce the spread of infection of related diseases. In general, the cardboard HEAP filters applications in the medical field always incorporate the use of high-energy ultraviolet light module, to kill viruses and living bacteria in the filter media. Some cardboard HEPA filter has a predetermined efficient value 99.995% which is widely used in controlling the spread of bacteria, viruses or other harmful particulate matter diseases that spread through the air. Put it in a nutshell, cardboard HEAP filter applications in the biomedical field are vital enough to influence everybody's life.

The other application of cardboard Air Cleaner applications is known as vacuum cleaner. Many vacuum cleaners as part of filtration systems also use cardboard HEPA filter. This is beneficial to the human who suffer from asthma and allergy, as cardboard HEPA filters can filter out particles that cause allergies and asthma symptoms, such as pollen and dust. In addition, cardboard HEPA filters are effective in the vacuum cleaner. And the vacuum cleaner must be designed to the allowed structure so that all the air is sucked through the filter machine and discharged later. Further, because of the additional density of cardboard HEPA filters, vacuum cleaners require a more powerful motor to provide adequate cleaning power.

Last but not least, there is another application of cardboard Air Purifier applications -- the paper oil filter which is used in hydraulic system. Paper oil filter has high filtering accuracy, generally used for the oil fine filter. The defect is that it cannot be washed after it is clogged and it requires frequent filter replacement.