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Where Is In Need Of Grease Filter
Where Is In Need Of Grease Filter

Designed for general purpose kitchen extract use, the Standard Grease v bank filter is suitable for removing airborne fat and grease from the atmosphere. Regular maintenance by degreasing the panel ensures optimum performance at all times. The Baffle grease filter reduces the fire hazard above the heat source through its unique design concept of interlocking baffles.

Grease filters provide a functional design with optimum performance, offering a low resistance with maximum efficiency up to 98%. Construction is typically from multi layers of aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel crimped knitted mesh, enclosed in a channel frame with either expanded metal or welded metal fascia's front and back. Handles can be incorporated to the frames to aid removal for cleaning and replacement. There are many stock sizes available in a range of materials; however low cost custom made sizes are easily catered for.

The Aluminum mesh grease filter range has been specifically designed to efficiently remove grease and cooking oils from exhaust air in catering applications. The grease Fluid filters is robustly constructed for long life, whilst providing an intricate labyrinth to ensure optimum grease filtering efficiency. The grease filter is easily cleaned either by the use of a special degreasing and cleaning tank or in an industrial dish washer. However, strong alkalis such as caustic soda should not be used as these are both dangerous and lead to premature degeneration of the grease filter.

The baffle grease Gas Turbine Prefilters is universally recognized that there is an increasing need to maintain and improve hygiene standards and reduce fire hazards within kitchens. The Baffle Grease filter accomplishes both needs through its clever design of interlocking baffles that provide a tortuous route for the passage of air through the grease filter by creating two rapid 180o air direction changes simultaneously. The grease molecules having a far greater inertial force than air impact themselves on the vanes.

Learn from above, we know that Stainless steel mesh grease Bag Filters Glass Fibre Media  applications are mainly in some places where in need of removing airborne fat and grease from the atmosphere. If you are in need of grease filter, you can visit for further information.