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How Does Fiberglass Air Filter Work
How Does Fiberglass Air Filter Work

As high ozone level warnings and heat strokes are contributing to serious illnesses, breathing difficulty and in some cases proven fatal, it’s high time to install fiberglass Deep Pleated HEPA Filters to keep healthy. This is a brief introduction about fiberglass air filter working principle. There are four basic principles of operation which apply to the various types of air ? ltration systems. The four progresses are named Inertial Separation, Impingement, Diffusion and? Electrostatic. In the first stage which is named inertial separation, particles are collected by centrifugal forces arising from a rapid de?ection of the air show such that the dust particles, having mass and kinetic energy, are unable to follow the path of the gas molecules and, proceed in a different path to the main airstream. In this manner, inertial separators do actually separate dust and air into two distinctly separate paths.

Here comes the second stage of fiberglass electronic industry air filters working principle. In the second stage, the viscous impingement ?lter media is made up of glass ?bers. The primary aerodynamic force involved in the capture of dust particles due to impingement, is a boundary layer of still air surrounding each of the ?brous targets of a media. The depth of this boundary layer is a function of the ?ber diameter, and the velocity of the air?ow passing around the ?ber targets. The larger the ?ber diameter, and the higher the gas velocity, the greater is the depth of the boundary layer.

About the third stage of fiberglass v bank filter working principle, diffusion, it is a so crucial. When a gas ?ow carries a substantial amount of aerosol (suspended particles in gases), the detailed patterns of its motion are often visible. Thus we are able to see the complex turbulent patterns of Exhaust from a smoke-stack, or the curls which rise from a blown-out match or candle.

Electrostatic ?ltration, the last step of fiberglass Super Fine Filters working principle, is an extremely effective method for removing dust, smoke, and other small particles from air over a particle size range from about 10 to 0.01 microns. The principle involved is that of passing the air through an ionizer screen where electrons colliding with air molecules generate positive ions which adhere to dust and other small particles present, giving them a positive charge. If you are in need of fiberglass air filter, you can view more detailed product information on We will provide all our dear customers with a reasonable price.