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Different Types of Cleanroom Air Filter
Different Types of Cleanroom Air Filter

The first type of cleanroom Absolute HEPA filters is the industrial filters. The industrial filters use the military standard MIL STD 282 test method to make it more technical. It has a performance efficiency of almost 100 percent. What’s more, these filters are similar to the HEPA filters in term of purpose of the clean room, equipment and room layout, temperature and humidity, maintenance and filter access and ceiling system design are analyzed before installation. The applications of industrial filters include semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical device manufacturing and dental device manufacturing.

The second type of Cleanroom air shower is the nuclear containment Primary Filters. Similar to industrial filters, these filters also have performance efficiency close to 100 percent. They use glass as the filter medium which can generally built to have a higher capacity. Nuclear containment type filters also equipped with a waterproofing binder to resist wet and dry conditions compared to other filters. The particular test is known as the two-flow test which tested for overall penetration at 20 percent of rated flow in accordance with MIL STD 282. While conducting this test, aerosol is needed to create nearly mono-disperse aerosol of approximately 0.3 micrometer diameter droplets. During the progress, a measuring instrument-the Q-107 penetrometer is used for the process.

The third type of cleanroom Compact filters is the laminar flow filter. Laminar flow filter is a great invention that it has the highest efficiency among all the three filters. These filters realize the scan test by using a photometer method and poly disperse DOP aerosol. Generally they are used in hospital operating room suites, emergency room trauma centers, pathology and hematology laboratories and intensive care units. The Laminar flow HEPA filters consist of 140 to 190 pleats which assist in directing the gas as it flows through them. Before using this type of filter, you should consider these factors firstly. Such as the use of the medical space, the level of air, cleanliness required and the amount of air needed to appropriately ventilate the space and so on.

If we use the cleanroom Air shower frequently, the efficiency of cleanroom High temperature HEPA filters will increase. Actually the convenience of these filters is that they don’t need to clean. What’s more, it provides a maintenance-free safety system which is a great benefit to users. Cleanroom air filters need to pay attention that they can’t exposed to water spray, moisture, and hot air, fire and shock pressures.