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Cleaning of Heavy Duty Air Filter Elements
Cleaning of Heavy Duty Air Filter Elements

Today I will show you some tips and suggestion about cleaning of heavy duty Spray booth media elements. Many drivers are concerned with lowering their operating costs, clean and reuse their heavy duty Air filter elements. Before you decide to clean and wash the heavy duty air filter elements, you need to think whether it is appropriate for your vehicle or fleet and pay attention the following factors.

First is that heavy duty Washable Filters element manufacturers do not recommend any type of cleaning process that can be used on their products. And once it has been cleaned, they do not provide warranty for their product. Furthermore, used heavy duty air filter elements, with the most thorough cleaning, only have 60-80 percent of their original life and each subsequent cleaning yield will increasingly reduce dust capacity. In addition, reused the cleaned heavy duty air filter elements, because their service life is short and it will increase the likelihood of improper air cleaner service. Each time they serve the air intake system, they will expose the chance of introducing contamination. Last but not least, we must pay attention to not damaging the heavy duty air filter element when cleaning, which may cause dust leaks. Careful inspection of the cleaned filter is of essential importance.

After you decide to clean heavy duty Vent filter elements, here are 2 ways most commonly used. One way is to use a commercial washing service because its operators are trained in right washing techniques and investigation precautions. This is the best way. Some Commercial air filters element washing services will provide warranty for the elements they wash. You can select that kind of service and make sure their warranty includes repair of engine damage resulting from a flawed washed element. Don't forget to obtain a written copy of their warranty for your files. If a commercial washing service is not available, soaking the element in water is the most effective cleaning method. Filters should first be cleaned with air, vacuum or water. The filter should be placed open end up in a suitable tank filled with warm water and any commercial detergent without sudsing. You shouldn't clean heavy duty air filter elements for more than 6 times because it will eventually damage the filter media. This process will result in acceptable wavy pleats.

The instructions of how to clean Air filter sales is very easy to learn. Have you totally understood how to clean filter element? For more information, please visit the website through the link