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Advantages of HEPA filter
Advantages of HEPA filter

First of all, HEPA Box has a high working efficiency. The HEPA filter can remove close 99% of unwanted elements that is not done by any other filter machine. This is possible because of the mat in filter. It does not recirculate the polluted air like done by normal vacuum cleaner. Compartment where the filter is contained can be removed from the air purifier unit and either sprayed down or submerged into soapy water. Being able to clean the HEPA filter is an advantage to users because they are then washing away the very irritants that cause their allergies to become irritated.

What's more, the working principle of Air filter for shopping mall is thorough. You may think it is kind of fetched among all advantages of HEPA. The truth a good working principle contributes to a high working effect. There are three stages of cleaning the air. First is interception, then is impaction and this is followed by diffusion. At interception stage small granules are captured and removed. During impaction large granules are captured and in diffusion both small and large granules are captured and not allowed to reenter the atmosphere.

Last but not least, it is beneficial to our health. Clean the air and upholstery leading to clean atmosphere. People suffering from allergies must have this to have safe environment. Tobacco smoke, pet dander and dust are all removed from the air as it passes through the permanent Carbon chemical filters. This effective removal of airborne allergies means a cleaner environment for allergy sufferers to enjoy. As people spend more time indoors due to work or other factors it is important that the indoor air is clean and healthy to breathe. Researchers at the Institute of Public Health in Copenhagen, Denmark have conducted a study indicating that HEPA filters may significantly improve cardiovascular health.

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